Yoga Mat Bread

So am sure you all heard about the Subway uproar  over the crap putting into their bread you got to check out the Joe Rogan podcast about 1:15 in they talk about it, I like the boys don’t understand why people ain’t talking with their feet and moving the f€&ok away from eating this crap.

Now I am pretty sure that the regulations in Europe are that bit stricter when it comes to additives like this being allowed in our food chain, non-the-less people are begin fooled into thinking that crap like Subway is good for you. It takes be back to 2006 when I was in Peterborough for work for a week, now the guys I worked with went to Subway every day for lunch and I was pretty  much obliged to accompany them, by the end of the week my insides felt like I had eaten a whole yoga mat! Thankfully I’ve never allowed a subway near my digestive system since!

If we look critically at our diet there are plenty of things that we need to cut out or cut in, and there are plenty of studies in the media that are sending out the wrong messages. The amount of information means we are more aware but in that we are more confused, the recent BBC documentary unfortunately does nothing to clarify thing but Barry Murphy does dissect and cast some light on this particular study, but it is unfortunate that he has to do so! There is also the reckless non-scientific study on multivitamins claiming they don’t work, another pile of utter nonsense. It is very difficult for pretty much everyone even with a fully balanced diet  to get all the micro and macro nutrients that they need to operate a high level, multivitamins do work and the appropriate supplementation is required. I recommend a blood test to identify where you are at and build a schedule around this accordingly.

Ultimately its all about balance and ensuring we are getting the right mix into the system to ensure we are keeping ourselves healthy today and on into the future. No point in being super healthy today if we are going to crash and burn in 10 years time!

Balance and natural is the only way lets get back to eating stuff that looks like food and combine it with the right form of medicine!


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